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Soil Database Interface


This package provides methods for extracting soils information from local PedonPC and AK Site databases (MS Access format), local NASIS databases (MS SQL Server), and the SDA webservice. Currently USDA-NCSS data sources are supported, however, there are plans to develop interfaces to outside systems such as the Global Soil Mapping project.


It can be difficult to locate all of the dependencies required for sending/processing SOAP requests, especially on UNIX-like operating systems. Windows binary packages for the dependencies can be found here. See fetchPedonPC for a simple wrapper function that should suffice for typical site/pedon/hz queries. An introduction to the soilDB package can be found here.


J.M. Skovlin and D.E. Beaudette

See Also

fetchPedonPC, fetchNASIS, SDA_query, loafercreek

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